What my customers say

Over the years I’ve worked for many private individuals, antique dealers and well known public institutions. Here is a selection of testimonials from a few of them.

Over the last ten years, Neil has worked on a number of pieces of antique furniture, which have been a combination of inherited pieces and items bought at auction.  He has repaired hinges, shelves and drawers, sourced keys for locks and removed stains and blemishes in very old wood.  He shows great attention to detail, polishing brass to just the right level for the period, creating personalised inserts and repairing marquetry and veneer.  When he has worked in our home, he is incredibly careful to protect the floors and other furniture while he is working.  When he takes items away they are always treated with the utmost care.
There is something very special about receiving a piece which may be 100 or more years old, restored to its former glory and function.  So much more satisfying then acquiring a modern flat packed item which may cost more and have a much shorter life span.

Valued Client

We have used Neil for over 25 years.  His work is always of the highest standard and we have no hesitation in recommending him


Valued Client

For the past eight years Neil Wakeling has been one of my principal restorers of Georgian furniture and other artefacts.  I have come to rely on his ingenuity and tenacity in coping with the often difficult and complicated problems that are thrown up by my diverse stock.

I am guilty of taking his skills for granted, but the end results are invariably satisfying to both of us.Michael Sim, Period Antique & Artifact dealer

Michael Sim

Period Antique & Artifact dealer

Lancashire Coffer

When we bought this coffer it was plainly a nice piece of furniture but it looked battered and one of the original handles broke off when we moved it.  Neil took it away and did the following magic:-

The coffer lid hinges up but it had warped 20mm and would not close flat, Neil opened up a joint between two of the planks, trimmed one of them and fastened them back together.  The broken original handle was beyond repair, Neil sourced fitted and camouflaged a modern replacement, the replacement is identical, I know which one it was but doubt anyone can tell without me telling them. The drawers were worn and didn’t fit or run properly, they do now and I cant distinguish original wood from repair.

Neil has worked on the Leeds Castle collections for many years and has always provided first class customer service and beautiful work.  He has ensured that our furniture is repaired and restored to a standard that befits our status as “the loveliest castle in the world.”
The Curator

Leeds Castle

Bow Fronted Walnut Corner Unit.

We bought this from a dark corner of a junk shop, it was unloved with a thick film of dust under the door veneers were flakey and the doors didn’t close properly, having faith in Neil we bought it home and he went to work.

Today the doors meet, the walnut veneer glows and it is the focal point that people see when they enter our lounge.  We are very pleased.Richard Oldfield, Valued Client.


Valued Client

Over the years we have inherited several items of valuable furniture, ranging from Longcase clocks to desks to very detailed occasional tables, and which have not been in particularly good condition.  On each occasion we have turned to Neil to restore them, and the workmanship has been of the highest quality.

He has a very in-depth knowledge of all types of furniture and how to restore it.  On one of the Longcase clocks, the top section of which had been removed and lost, he managed to restore it to its original design through research.

We would very highly recommend him to anyone with furniture which  needs some exceptional TLC and attention.


Valued Client